The Horseman Way

Unearth the Authentic you and forge meaningful human connections


Leadership via Horsemanship

“Authentic : The Horseman Way”, is a program to upgrade creativity, emotional intelligence and people management through interaction with horses. By incorporating equine assisted learning with years of practical coaching experience, we are able to create positive lasting changes in participants’ and improve their presence and influence. We use horse psychology to assess participant’s psyche. This program is about harnessing the potential of We; powered by the intuition of a truly objective coach.

Horse Sense

Horses have sensing abilities which are far more developed than humans. What influences their behaviour is our ability to communicate. Working with horses requires qualities such as courage, strength, creativity, risk-appetite, responsibility, patience and determination. If you want the horse to co-operate, you must demonstrate true leadership.

What's on Offer

I. Opportunity : An opportunity to make profound shifts in the way you see, listen and feel. II. Awakening : Awaken core qualities for healthy collaborative and joyful relationships that include presence, listening, compassion, vulnerability, trust, clarity, power and play. III. Awareness : A deeper awareness and understanding of how you show up and communicate. IV. Unearth integrated source of power: The ability to communicate from a mind-heartbody-soul integrated source of power. V. Implementation strategies : Personalised implementation strategies to integrate your new awareness into your daily life and relationships.

Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence & People Management.

Cardiac Coherence is the source of our Inner Power. It is physical and emotional harmony. Getting leaders to reckon with one another’s humanity.

Licensed Partner HorseDream®

# Certified Corporate Trainer (Dale Carnegie). # Leading bloodstock professional with 20 years of experience in trading and managing horses globally. # Thoroughbred stud farm management consultant. # Auctioneer # Ex-banker # MBA #The only Indian to win the greatest race, The Kentucky Derby. Co-owner of 2020 Kentucky Derby winner Authentic

Horse Assisted Educator

Gaurav Rampal

About Shirin

# Partner at Yeravada Stud, breeders of 8 Indian Derby winners. # Public Health Professional # General Administrator, KEM Hospital, Pune # 20 years experience in health sector in India, UK & Singapore. # Degrees in Public Health and Psychology # Trained Medical Social Worker

Partnered by Yeravada Stud Farm

Shirin Wadia

The Horseman Way

By Gaurav Rampal





Jesh Krishna Murthy, Founder & CEO, Anibrain Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd Award winning VFX and creative studio. Annual revenue $155 million +

“An incredible experience for team Anibrain at The Horseman Way. One of the most innovative team building, self building exercises in the country today. It was a very special experience for our team. Transformatory, unique and deeply insightful. Highly recommend this to anyone looking to bring greater depth into their corporate teams. Thank you Shirin Wadia and Gaurav Rampal for this incredible offering”.

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